Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Inviting for Divine Shelters


SSV said...

This blog though created in a very very short time span, is a complete doucmentation in itself and the Invitation Cards are completely a very new invention by Gurugaru and it fittingly the BEST of its kind that I have ever come across. Chy. Raghav is extremely fortunate to have parents like Gurugaru and Amma. He should be a proud person and we too exphasise our pride alongwith him and wish the Gruhapravesam a Grand Success.

Satyalakshmi Narasimham

praghav said...

Thank you very much Uncle. I bow my head to express my respect towards my parents-in first row, elders like you for helping my parents and me. The GRUHAPRAVESAM is due to the divine blessings of my parents and I am fortunate to be their son. I need your blessings to prosper further in coming years.
Raghav M Perisepalli.

sai said...

namaste guru garu,amma..invitation chala baundi..we can just hope how good it would have been if we were there..
sashtipoorthi subhakankshalu gurugaru..we always need ur blessings..
and congratulations to raghav for buying such a beautiful house..
mohan,radhika and avinash

praghav said...

Thank you very much sai

mohan said...

Congratulations!!! Raghav on buying the new house and We wish you the very best and prosperity upon taking over the house. It is indeed a great fortune to have the parents perform the gruhapravesham of your house.
Our best wishes goes to Gurugaru and Amma garu on the occasion of the shastipoorthi and wish them a healthy,prosperous,joyous and happy living .

Mohan, Anupama,Abhishek and Rohit

praghav said...
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praghav said...

Thanks Mohan. Please time time from your schedule on Oct 21st, 2007 to attend the gruhapravesam. I will be more happy to see you all then.

Rajesh Vemuri said...

GRUHA PRAVESAM ni english lo emnataru

sravya geethika said...

house-warming antaru

Pavan BhavaniShekhar Devarakonda said...

Thanks for sharing this I prepared my card with this.